Post Delay

Hello my wonderful fans!

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting in a long time. Sadly I have been busy enjoying the great outdoors as Edmonton only has 3 months of summer to enjoy! When winter rolls around, that’s when I’m snow-bound to do my art! 

However I do have a work in progress. This certain individual has a lust for life. I have many different ideas for artists as well. Again, if you’d like to see a particular band, let me know, and I’ll add it to the list. 

With Love,



Amy Vs. Glenn Danzig (The Misfits)

I remember in high school, going through my punk phase looking for bands to listen to, seeing all the punk kids wearing The Crimson Skull shirts. I thought to myself, where the hell is that from? Later on I discover The Misfits. I got two compilation records from the Danzig period for Christmas (very fitting huh?), and I was blown away. The band is all pretty crazy with their style too. I love it! So here’s the original, young Danzig in all his glory. 


And here’s my version! Super proud of it by the way! 


Here’s one of my favourite The Misfits songs on the YouTubes!

I also found this! Which I find to be hilarious. I think Henry Rollins would approve. 


Amy Vs. City and Colour

I remember hearing Save Your Scissors for the first time on Much Music, and I thought to myself… What is this?! This is terrible. That’s right I didn’t like City and Colour when I first heard them. Seeing a pattern now? However, when his Bring Me Your Love album came out, I matured a bit more, and I found it rather enjoyable. In fact I became a full-fledged City and Colour fan. I know too much about this band. Haha! Well here’s the dashing Dallas Green. Continue reading

Amy Vs. The Strokes

I freaking love The Strokes. They’re too fun to sing to. When they first came out, sadly I was going through Jr. High angst and was too busy listening to Linkin Park to notice how awesome this band was. However, I discovered eventually how great they were. So here’s the original photo. They were so young!

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Amy Vs. The Beatles

I remember the dark days before I knew how amazing The Beatles were. The day I finally discovered that, sparked month-long periods where I would listen to nothing but The Beatles (Had lots to catch up on!) I love how sharp they dressed when they were young, and they were all so cute! I can totally see why girls used to go crazy for them back in the day. Here’s the original! (They look so badass in this photo!)

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Amy Vs. Joey Ramone

I remember having a conversation with someone in High School and they told me I didn’t like punk music until I listened to The Ramones. (At the time I was listening to Sum 41 and Billy Talent and thought I had punk cred. *Laughs*). So I said, fine dude! I liked Blitzkrieg Bop, I’m sure I’ll like the rest of their stuff. I was auto-hooked, and have been in love with old school punk ever since.

Joey is one of those guys that I’ve always wanted to draw. There was a guy in my High School that looked just like him and I’d call him Joey all the time… I don’t even remember his real name… So here’s the original! Continue reading

Amy Vs. Henry Rollins

I think Henry Rollins is amazing. He got me into sociology, punk, and politics more (winning combination in my books). He also helped me break out of my naive world-view. I emailed him thanking him for the spark, and he emailed me back with a thank-you and said, “It’s people power or bust.” So here’s the original photo.

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Amy Vs. Death From Above 1979

I love DFA 1979. I remember when I found out about them during their reunion show in Coachella. I was like whoa! That’s a sweet name for a band, they must be loud. I miss loud bands, and I was right! I remember blasting that entire album in my car that summer. Here’s the original picture. Continue reading