Amy Vs. The Strokes

I freaking love The Strokes. They’re too fun to sing to. When they first came out, sadly I was going through Jr. High angst and was too busy listening to Linkin Park to notice how awesome this band was. However, I discovered eventually how great they were. So here’s the original photo. They were so young!


You have no idea how long it took me to draw Albert (far left). He was a bugger and a half to try and get that facial expression down. Didn’t get it to quite to the level I wanted, but I still think I did a good job. I think I had the most fun drawing their hair. They all have fantastic rock star hair. Poor Albert is losing his curly locks now. Also! It was super weird not drawing them all in skinny/straight cut jeans. I was like… Huh! Oh yeah! Pants were baggy back then.  Strokes finl

And here’s one of my favourite The Strokes songs on the YOUTUBES!


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