Amy Vs. Freddie Mercury

I have always loved Queen, and Freddie Mercury is so inspiring and so fantastic. I would have loved to see Queen live. I remember listening to their Greatest Hits album on the way to High School and wanting to get up and dance on the bus. Here’s the original!

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Amy Vs. City and Colour

I remember hearing Save Your Scissors for the first time on Much Music, and I thought to myself… What is this?! This is terrible. That’s right I didn’t like City and Colour when I first heard them. Seeing a pattern now? However, when his Bring Me Your Love album came out, I matured a bit more, and I found it rather enjoyable. In fact I became a full-fledged City and Colour fan. I know too much about this band. Haha! Well here’s the dashing Dallas Green. Continue reading

Amy Vs. The Strokes

I freaking love The Strokes. They’re too fun to sing to. When they first came out, sadly I was going through Jr. High angst and was too busy listening to Linkin Park to notice how awesome this band was. However, I discovered eventually how great they were. So here’s the original photo. They were so young!

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